"Whoever takes risks can lose, whoever does not always loses."Xavier Tartacover


Play and win

The big tournament rewards you for your technical performances. Become the master of the game by playing against other people, and win jackpots convertible into money.

Game mode

There are two modes of play in the Grand Tournament:

The training mode

Players can practice all types of games using their practice crowns and earn dummy tokens if they win. Everyone is at the same level in training mode.
This mode allows players to fully understand all aspects of the game for free without any restrictions.

Championship mode

In this game mode, players have exactly the same possibilities, they can create or participate in all types of games, using their championship crowns, and in return they will earn tokens for their victories.
The difference with the training mode is that the levels will evolve according to the victories and defeats of the players according to the ELO system. They will compete against players of the same level, which will also increase the number of tokens earned upon victory. The other notable difference is that tokens can be converted into money.


In order to participate in a game, players must have crowns.
After 3 consecutive victories the player will win a crown, on the contrary each defeat will cause him to lose one.
It is also possible to acquire new crowns via the profile.

Crown training mode: = FREE

Crown championship mode: = 5.95 $

The levels

The big tournament is based on the Elo international ranking system to rank players and determine level.
You can find more information about this ranking system on: la page wikipedia

The winner takes a jackpot

The winners will win a prize pool in tokens (⊛) according to the level of competition of the game.
In championship mode, players have the option of converting their tokens into money:

Token conversion: 1 x = 0.00595 $

Type of game

There are several types of game, allowing you to win in different ways and offering more or less amount of prize pool.
The complexity of each type of game will depend on your ability to meet the challenges.

Example for level 1 games


This is the default game type, two players competing in 1vs1.

2 1 100⊛
2 0⊛


10 players in 1vs1, everybody competes, the 3 best win.

10 1 000⊛ 1 500⊛
2 300⊛
3 200⊛
4-10 0⊛


Competition between 128 and more players.

128+ 12 800⊛+ 1er 30%
2eme 20%
1/2 finale 10%
1/4 finale 5%
1/8 finale 1.25%

Special pot

A percentage of pot from all parties are added into a special pool, which is then shared among the best, determined each month around 3 categories:

The special prize pool is then awarded at the end of each month to the best of each category.

Every 1st of the month at midnight, all rankings and the prize pool return to zero. The number of games will start to accumulate again until the last day of the month at 11:59 p.m.
Any game must be completed before 11:59 p.m. to be counted, otherwise it will count for the next month.