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Tournament rules


Official rules of "Echecs: Le grand tournoi" hereinafter called "The Game", organized by Studio_Nost hereinafter called "the company".

These rules set up the guidelines that each player must expressly and without reserve accept to participate in the big tournament and claim to receive the prize pools.

It governs every aspect of every game.

The game is a continuous tournament, that is to say without interruption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with jackpots at the end of each game.
Each games count for the overall ranking.

The official website of the game is https://www.grandtournoi.com hereinafter referred to as "the site".

From the site you can:

1 - Acceptance

To participate in games, each player must agree to comply with these rules in all circumstances. The player can accept these rules by clicking on "Accept" at the place defined during registration.

2 - Rules of the game

Any acceptance of the rules also implies acceptance of the rules of the game and their understanding. They are available here: rules of the game

3 - Execution

The company assumes the main responsibility for the execution of the rules, and can apply sanctions to players violating the rules, as described in article 13.

4 - The Party

The game is available for free download from our site, or on the other distribution platforms referenced on the download page:
download page

No other download source can be considered reliable or guaranteeing the safety of the player. It is the responsibility of the player to provide a copy of the game only on the official game platforms.

To access the game, the player will have to create an account by providing personal information about his identity.
This game is for a major audience.

5 - Games

a) Type of game

There are 3 types of game in the game: Duel, Table, Tournaments.
  1. Duel: The duel is the confrontation between two players.
  2. Table: The table is the confrontation of 10 players against each other. This so-called pool match results in a ranking which determines who has won the most games.
  3. Tournaments: The tournament is the confrontation of 128 players to 1024 players, in a classic tournament said in branch.

b) End of the game

There are 4 possible endings to a game: Checkmate, Abandon, Chrono, Stalemate.
  1. Checkmate: If the player whose king is checked has no solution to counter the threat, the king is then "checkmate" and the game ends on the victory of his opponent.
  2. Abandonment: Each player can abandon at any time and his opponent wins the game.
  3. Chrono: A game played under time control will end as a loss for a player who uses all the time allotted to him, unless the opponent can subdue him.
  4. Stalemate: The game is said to be “Stalemate” or a draw if there is no longer any legal movement, or there is no longer any possibility of winning the game for both players.

c) Equality

In the event of a tie, a revenge match is started to decide between the players (Only one must win).

6 - The crowns

Access to championship mode is contingent upon possession of crowns, which are also used to purchase additional content.
There are two ways to get crowns.
By buying them
Directly in your account on this site.

By winning games
To win a crown, the player must win 3 consecutive games. In case of defeat it will revert to 0.

7 - Tokens

There are several ways to get tokens, which can be converted later in money, as described in article 10 and 11.

By winning them
Winning games is one of the best ways to earn more tokens. The number of tokens won depends on the player's level.

By recruiting
Recruit new players and you will be rewarded with their games.
Recruitment itself does not guarantee any remuneration, only the parties make it possible to obtain tokens and therefore remuneration for all generations of partners.

8 - Pot

Each game gives rise to a prize pool expressed in tokens.
Only the winners of a game receive the pot. Losers may, depending on their level, be deducted, their balance cannot be negative.

The total amount of the jackpot depends on 3 factors: The level, The type of game, the number of participants.

9 - Special pot

Each month, the big tournament classifies the players in 3 categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold. The best of each category is rewarded by a percentage of a special pot accumulated throughout the month.

a) Category

To classify players from one category to another, the game determines the number of games they have played in the past month, and awards the best players a percentage of the special prize pool.
For more information, see here: Special pot

b) Validity

Only the games ended between the 1st of the month at 00:00(UTC) and the last day of the month at 11.59pm(UTC) will be counted to determine the prize pool and the ranking of each player.

10 - Withdrawal

The company gives the player the opportunity to collect their tokens in money. The exchange rate depends on the player's currency, and can change at any time depending on the various geopolitical factors of the country.
To exchange your tokens for money you must meet a few conditions:
If the player fulfills these conditions, he can make the withdrawal request directly in his account on this site.
The available withdrawal methods are:

11 - Earnings

All earnings related to recruitments or gambling must be declared by the players. It is the responsibility of each player to declare these winnings with the taxes of his locality.

12 - Criminalization

The company takes the application of rules and especially regulations very seriously. A player not playing the game, or making use of cheating to win a game or win additional tokens, will be eliminated from the gaming platform and the site. No form of compensation can be claimed by a player who has used cheating. The company therefore reserves the right to block the accounts of the player in question.

13 - Sanction

The safety of the users is paramount and therefore no diversion from the correct use of the platform can be tolerated.

CAUTION: Any attempt to cheat, hack, or attempt to break the rules of the game, any identity theft, account theft, fraudulent use of any aspect of the platform, or in general any attempt made implemented to circumvent the security systems of the gaming platform or the site will be automatically dealt with by the pure and simple blocking of gaming and recruitment accounts, as well as by the systematic filing of a criminal complaint if it is deemed necessary by society.

14 - Blocking

No player can play or access the site from a blocked account.
No withdrawal of money is possible from a blocked account. The release can only be done by direct contact and after investigation.

15 - Refund

No refund is possible once a game is started. When a player decides to join a game he arrives in the Game Lobby, before clicking on the button indicating that he is ready, he has the possibility of leaving the game.

16 - Connection problem

Because the game and the game servers are computerized, both the company and the players are dependent on the proper functioning of the connection.
The game is optimized to consume very little of the player's connection.

In case of player disconnections:
The latter at 180 seconds to reconnect to the game and return to the game otherwise he will be considered as abandoning the game and the victory will go to the opponent.

In case of server disconnections:
In case of disconnections from the game servers, the games will resume as if nothing had happened where they were before the disconnections.

17 - Disputes relating to the rules

Studio_Nost represents the authority having the final and irrevocable decision concerning any litigation of all or part of these rules, in particular in the event of violation, application or interpretation thereof.

@Studio_Nost. All rights reserved