"I win with white because I have the advantage of starting, and I win with black because my name is Bogolioubov."Efim Bogolioubov


Earn thanks to your teams!

This page describes the partner pot and the special bonus.

Recruit and win Simulator What to do now?

Recruit and win

Individual performance is not the most important, you can also win as a team.
Become a partner of the big tournament, sponsor new players, and earn percentages on each of their games and the games of their godchildren. The only condition is that you are of legal age.


During each game a token jackpot is put into play, 5% tokens from this one are returned to the partners of the big tournament, it is called pot partner.

Each partner gains on several aspects as it progresses in these recruitments.

Direct recruitment

As soon as you recruit new players, you automatically win each time they play games (whether they win or lose).

lvl 1: 20% from the partner pot

Indirect recruitment

Train your partners to recruit new players in turn and earn percentages, on each of the games that will take place, among all future generations of your teams.

This is where the power of the compensation plan comes in, up to the 7th generation of players you will earn percentages of all the games that take place.

lvl 2 : 10% from the partner pot lvl 3 : 9% from the partner pot lvl 4 : 8% from the partner pot lvl 5 : 7% from the partner pot lvl 6 : 6% from the partner pot lvl 7 : 20% from the partner pot

Special bonus

During each game on the first 10 levels of your entire network, 2% from the partner prize pool by level is set aside in a special pot.
This is reset monthly.

Every month, you will receive a percentage of this special pot, in relation to the number of players that you have personally recruited, since the start of your registration, according to 5 levels:

Level 1 : 5% from the special pot, you must have recruited 5 players Level 2 : 10% from the special pot, you must have recruited 10 players Level 3 : 25% from the special pot, you must have recruited 25 players Level 4 : 50% from the special pot, you must have recruited 50 players Level 5 : 100% from the special pot, you must have recruited 100 players

Profit simulator

Please note this is a simulator to understand how sponsorship works and does not guarantee the income generated. The referral network may vary from individual to individual and cannot be accurately simulated.

This is an example of a possible win based on the following figures:
? : token
lvl 1 lvl 2 lvl 3 lvl 4 lvl 5 lvl 6 lvl 7
Player 0 0 0 0 0 0
Profit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Direct recruitment profit 0 Indirect recruitment profit 0 Special bonus profit 0

And now?

You now have everything in hand to start this tournament, to become the best player and the best recruiter.
Your success depends only on you.
Now click on one of the buttons below to register and start this new adventure.
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